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Below are the items kept in stock on a weekly basis. Items you can walk-in, purchase, take home, and enjoy that evening, but please know that we can special order items for you. Items such as seafood, seasonal items, and larger quantities for larger crowds. Our meat is cut and blended right here in-house for the freshest meat you can find. So, be sure to ask about our custom products such as custom cuts, custom blends, pre-seasoned meats, marinades, stuffed chicken breasts and more. 


In-House Cut Steaks:




NEW - Short Ribs

NEW - Tomahawk Ribeyes

In-House Ground Beef:  

80/20 Sirloin Blend

90/10 Upon Request

Chuck Roasts


Eye-of-Round Cutlets

Stew Meat


Made In-House:

Pan Sausage

Link Sausage

In-House Cut:

Pork Chops

Pork Steaks

Country-Style Ribs

Pork Loins - boneless or bone-in

Wrights Bacon

Covered Wagon Bacon

Pit-Hams (6-8 lbs)

Chicken & Seafood

Whole Chicken, split

Boneless Chicken Breast

Chicken Tenders

Leg Quarters


Fryer Chicken Wings 

Boneless Thigh Meat


Texas-Raised Catfish

Medium Size Gulf Shrimp

Lunchmeat & Cheeses

Black Forrest Ham

Turkey Breast

Mild Cheddar 

Longhorn Cheddar

Monterey Jack

Pepper Jack

Spices & More

Mrs. Baird's Bread                

Gandy's Milk                         

Volleman's Milk                           

Bill's Season All 

Fiesta Seasoning

Jal Yes Sauces

Clark's Chili Mix

NEW - Julio's products

Millican Pecans

San Saba Olive Oil

Call to place your order: 325-372-6328.

News & Updates:

  • Now offering jalapeno & cheese sausage!

  • Full line Julio's products - seasoned chips, salsa, queso, chicharones and pepper sauce. 

  • Try our bacon wrapped, stuffed chicken breast or bacon wrapped, stuffed pork tenderloin!! You'll love 'em!




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